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BCG editors provide superior quality services at reasonable prices which afford clients the opportunity to successfully complete term papers, theses, and dissertations.  Editors also work with clients to polish resumes.  Clients who will benefit most from this service are the ones who possess at least average writing skills.  BCG's focus is to help clients eliminate problem areas in writing so that their ideas are clearly communicated and presented properly.





Services include editing, proofreading, and formatting.  Many clients have indicated that the increasing demands of colleges and universities have compelled them to seek assistance in finishing important documents.  BCG editors are committed to helping clients present professionally written papers that belong solely to the client.  BCG editors will not write papers for clients but will work with clients to improve work that is submitted for editing.  Our editors specialize in APA, MLA, and Chicago formatting styles.  BCG editors are committed to helping clients maintain professional integrity and academic honesty.

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